Monday, October 14, 2013

Two years in Billings

Today marks two years since we moved to Billings to help start the Fresh Life campus in our city. It’s been such an adventure and a huge honor to be a part of what God is doing here.

We have definitely had our ups and downs while here but thank God the hard times were never like a disease where they have affected us negatively in the long run. Instead they’ve been like wounds that have hurt at the time but then have left us with only scars with stories to tell about how God has turned beauty from ashes.

We started with a team of 9 and I am so stoked to say that as the church has grown, a little more than half the Fresh Life Billings campus are actively involved in serving and in community. It’s so cool to hear about what God has been doing in their lives because of the work done at Fresh Life whether they gave their lives to Jesus at our campus or have landed in our church home and flourished spiritually. The people that I have the honor of seeing throughout the week in my church are the best, and I for one feel beyond privileged that God put me together with these people to pass through life with. They have been like family to me and have drawn me so much closer to Jesus. And we just yesterday moved all of our stuff into what will become the permanent home of Fresh Life Billings!

It’s amazing to think that we really haven’t done much to cause the growth and impact at our campus. Really I can nail down 3 things I’ve noticed we have done that has caused for our church to ‘work’.

1)      We tremble before God’s word
2)      We are snakebirds: We’ve worked as hard as we could as God led, and trusted God would do something with the work we believe He led us to do
3)      Faithfulness: All we’ve ever done is show up

WEST HIGH 2011-2013





The Best is yet to come


  1. It's an honor to serve with you, sir!!!!!

    You're 100% correct. The best certainly is yet to come! Bring on 2014!!!

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