Friday, July 30, 2010

Let God Work!

Have you noticed that in the last chapter of Acts, there's a mention of Paul renting the house he was living in? He wasn't buying or didn't buy the house, but rather he was RENTING the house. What does that say to you?

It says to me that you shouldn't settle. That you shouldn't get comfortable where God has you now and that you should be willing and ready for Him to move you around. It says to me that you should be flexible, and that if Jesus says, 'Follow Me' you wouldn't say, 'Let me first bury my father.'

Don't get into routines, don't get comfortable, let God stretch you and be willing to let Him take you places you would have never imagined. Whether geographically or spiritually.

When is the last time you Let God Work?

Miracles will be a rarity in your life unless you take a step of faith.

Today, Let God Work!


  1. I know all about this flexibility you mention here, Jaime. I grew up in Texas (where I met my wife, Kris) We eventually moved to Montana (where she grew up) ...but since our wedding 20 years ago, we've lived in 7 cities and 4 different states. You sure make a lot of friends in that many different church families! :)